Friday, January 25, 2013

Casey and Adrian: Obama Chat

ccamarco: Obama's speech used a lot of rhetorical devices.
ascherer: I know he is really good at speaking with rhetoric
especially parallelism
ccamarco: his ability to use the climax technique is insane!
he completely controls the crowd
ascherer: haha exactly thats why everyone loves to come out and see him speak
ccamarco: That explains the large crowd at a second inauguration. that is unheard of.
ascherer: i know it was huge and i found it interesting how similar his speaking was to that of MLK jr especially how often he uses parallelism
“Together, we determined that a modern economy requires railroads and highways to speed travel and commerce, schools and colleges to train our workers. Together, we discovered that a free market only thrives when there are rules to ensure competition and fair play. Together, we resolved that a great nation must care for the vulnerable, and protect its people from life’s worst hazards and misfortune.”
ccamarco: that is exactly what i was going to say
he uses that to draw the crowd in
ascherer: I love parallelism
ccamarco: and it works very well
ascherer: Its easy to listen to
it is a good example of ethos
ccamarco: besides just the repetition, he also uses the word "we" in each of those lines to draw a connection between him and the people
which is a great example of ethos.
ascherer: exactly it appeals to the people
ccamarco: he uses the crowds emotional attachment brought about by the word "we" to sway their opinion.
ascherer: which is pathos
yeah like when he says "we" it makes me feel like hes a regular guy
and I think that is what he was going for in the speech
ccamarco: and that he and i are very similar and worked toward this together.
just very well put together
ascherer: yeah and that ties into the whole faith in America's future theme
Like we can do it together to improve
ccamarco: yes it does. Very well, actually.
he tries to play down all the discrimination out there and make the people believe it is changing.
Especially discriminations against various cultures/religions.
ascherer: yeah agreed
well i think that the speech was focused on stuff like that it was more about the social status of America
ccamarco: that is true.
ascherer: which is good, but I really think he avoided some key issues such as the economy
ccamarco: he focused on improving the country as a whole, but didn't look into the economy as much as expected.
that may be because there was not much of a change since the Bush administration.
ascherer: yeah I think that he wanted to avoid the issue and talk about things that the crowd would relate to and inspire the crowd
which ties back to the ethos/pathos/logos thing
me: as long as the crowd is on his side then he has a better image with them. by not talking about it he is trying to not tarnish his image.
ascherer: exactly and tarnishing his image would hurt his ethos
ccamarco: yes it would
ascherer: i'm trying to find some other examples of rhetoric
ccamarco: this can also show what he learned from his last term.
ascherer: yeah it can
ccamarco: he has learned that nothing in the economy has really changed so he didn't talk about it in the speech.
ascherer: I also think at times he hinted in the speech at the fact that the congress didn't really let him get things done in the last term which he learned can really hamper his progress
"For now decisions are upon us and we cannot afford delay"
ccamarco: i saw that as well. he was subtle.
ascherer: yeah again he doesn't want to just go out and piss off the republicans by calling them out but I think he wanted to sort of cover up his for his rear end for the things he didn't get done so to do that he hinted at the fact that he congress did not let him get things done
that is pathos
ccamarco: yes it is. a little off topic but i thought his use of a quote from the constitution. was very good.
"We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths –- that all of us are created equal –- is the star that guides us still;"
It really tied our country's past with our future.
scherer: Definitely. It brings the audience back to the time of hope and freedom and equality. A time of good
ccamarco: A time when people set out to improve their lives through hard work and freethought.
ascherer: which is what Obama was promoting. He wants to focus on work and education and innovation to keep America changing and the hub of the world. This reference to the past actually almost helped show the theme of moving forward for the future.
ccamarco: That is the truth!
ascherer: Like that those principles of the past should be used now and in the future to move America forward.And going back to rhetorical devices, I like the way Obama used climax
ccamarco: he used it throughout his speech.
much like most of his other speeches.
ascherer: He tied it in well with parallelism He would build up to it with "We" and then hit the climax
ccamarco: his tone also helped play up the emotions emotions of the crowd to have the climax.
ascherer: Yeah and on a public speaking note, he had a very good feel for the crowd and would almost work their applause into the speech and use it with climax to his advantage
ccamarco: his previous inaugural speech climaxed at the ideas of moving forward. that was also a theme in this speech but not as much as we had expected. that can be seen by our wordle because forward is the largest word while it is not even close in the wordle of this speech.
ascherer: I know man! I thought we had it dead on with forward and future and innovation as the main words. Those were themes, but I would've really thought there would have been more emphasis on it and moving forward with the economy, education, etc. All the parallelism used made “We” such a key word. Knowing Obama’s frequent use of parallelism we definitely should’ve added “We”
ccamarco: We definitely should have included “we.” But our predictions of “nation” was spot on and so was “America.” Although we had those, we should have had them larger because they were common in his speech. i can’t believe he didn't say poof! We went out on a limb and it didn't pay off.
ascherer: Haha lolol I would’ve expected him to say that at least once! I’m sure he poofed while he was up there too so it really should’ve counted.
ccamarco: hahahaha he was definitely poofin’ it up there.
ascherer: Yeah. Well anyway he has learned a lot from the past four years and I can’t wait to see what’ll be in store for the next four. Hopefully he will improve the economy so that we can get jobs coming out of college!
ccamarco: I think there is a good chance of that. His first four years was his warm up years. Now he is set and ready to go.
ascherer: yeah i’m sure he now knows what it is going to take to get things done. I’m excited to see what he can do.
ccamarco: I am excited to see the “change” he is going to bring to this country.
ascherer: Alright man nice chatting with you. We kicked butt.
ccamarco: Indeed we did. Its been real.

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