Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obama's Speech as Percieved by a Politic Neophyte

***Disclaimer: I know nothing about politics so all views mentioned in this post should be taken with a grain of salt***

So, as visible above, I’m a not a big follower of politics. I don’t religiously watch the senatorial news or listen to the presidential debates. I’m proud of my knowledge that there’s a president, a senate and a house of representatives; the fact that I know there’ s an electoral college and a president’s cabinet? Well that’s just an extra gold star for me. But that’s beside the point. The thing that I’m trying to say is, despite my lack of exposure to political speakers, Obama gives one heck of a speech.

I’m serious.

The way he flows from phrase to phrase leaving out the “ands” is just so smooth and eloquent. The way he uses first person pronouns instead of isolated second person ones is just so relatable. The way he phrases all his paragraphs with parallel structure is just so captivating. The whole speech is just so… Wow.

Now, I can’t really tell you what anything in the speech has to do with anything. I can’t tell you what changes he’s going to implement or what policies he’s going to remove. I mean, the only thing I understood from all of the verbiage was “that all of us were created equal”. And honestly, rereading the transcript, the only concrete idea that I seem to find is equality. Equality for you, equality for me, equality for the random homeless person sleeping on the side of the street.

But, somehow… When Obama speaks it feels like his speech means everything in the world. Even though a word of it might not make sense to my brain the sound of it is like music to my ears. He inflicts his voice with such emotion, such conviction that what he is saying is correct, is necessary. He doesn’t waver and I think it’ pretty cool.

I’m sure that the fact he talked about freedom and equal rights drew some people in but I think that what we often ignore is that no matter what a speech may be about it is the way that it is verbalized that makes it a good or a bad speech. You can listen to a little girl give a speech about the importance of having a cat but the ridiculous of the argument won’t turn you away because the girl is articulate. Because your ears take pleasure in hearing the noise produced from the girl’s lips.

That’s how Obama is.

I’m sure he had a wonderful speech that actually makes sense to people who know something about politics but for me it was the melody of his talking that drew me in. But that’s just my two sense, and I already told you that you shouldn’t trust my views expressed in this post.

Adios readers,

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